Erectile Dysfunction – Pill Supplements and reviews

What is Alpha T-Surge & Edge HPX?

androgenyxErectile Dysfunction can be a challenge. Like many ailments of its type, it’s impact is not only physiological nor psychological, and more often than not, neither it’s cause.  It can be worrisome due to the flexibility/variations in how it affects each individual.  For some, it lasts at most only a few difficult panic filled days, for others it’s a chronic problem that lasts weeks or months.  For a portion of the population, it never fully goes away. The good news, is that most of the time, the reason it never goes away is because those that live with it opt to only use pills meant to alleviate the problem such as over the counter or prescription erection pills, which do nothing to help with the problem at its foundation.  The bad news is that it isn’t a straightforward process of correction.  It requires patience and dedication to correct the problem in the long term, with ups and downs and gradual improvement. The tension it can cause in relationships and the damage on the ego in males leads to most trying to reach for immediate satisfaction and problem alleviation without calculating the risks and costs both on their financial and health situation.

Using Erection Pills

299Yohimbine Hydrochloride is a medication that is based on the use of african treebark to increase erection and overall sexual health.  While it has been reported widely successful, it can be on the expensive side for quality. While it works to fix erectile dysfunction in males, it also has a range of negative side effects that make it undesirable. Intense depression is one of the main reported symptoms with many users feeling unmotivated to have sex even after the treatment begins to work. Some have reached suicidal levels of psychological dysfunction after use.  Other fringe side effects that been reported include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and numbness within the extremities.  As far as treatments go, very few have little to no side effects. While Yohimbine Hydrochloride is successful and effective, the costs clearly outweigh the benefits. The entire point of curing erectile dysfunction is to lead to a higher quality of life without losing quality in other areas.  When finding a treatment, finding one with manageable side effects that can be treated naturally is preferable to taking one medication that requires the use of several others to function, as it becomes a costly cycle to both maintain or get off.

Tadalafil & similiar erection pills work by relaxing the constricted blood vessels that can impede erections. The increase in circulation and blood flow also act as stimulants to create long lasting erections. These erections can last up to five hours and work as prescribed. The issue lies in the effects on the rest of the body.  The damage caused by placing so much stress on the circulatory system impacts the cardiovascular system.  There have been numerous reports of stroke or heart attacks in mature patients due to the chronic, and even the occasional acute use of erection pills such as Tadalafil.  The stress on the heart due to the unexpected increase in circulation within a body that is usually poor in circulation or cardiac health makes the heart work on overtime to compensate.  Besides the health cost, the financial cost of erection pills lies in their increased dependence and the ability of the individual to pay for them.  Dependency on the pills increases overtime and the need for more is dependent on the user.  Many health insurance providers only permit a certain and often very limited amount of erection pills purchases within a given month or year.  This leads to high out of pocket costs that can make the pills range from $20 to $40 per pill. Essentially, it becomes an unsustainable habit that both does further damage to the body without alleviating the main problem.

What is Alpha T-Surge & Edge HPX

One of the most successful companies reported for their use as a erectile dysfunction medication with fringe benefits that boast little side effects is the Androgenyx company.  Responsible for a few effective supplements used for treating testosterone deficiency and erectile dysfunction as well as protein limitations and cultivating increases in muscle mass gains, Androgenyx products are also relatively inexpensive. The two most recommended products are Edge HPX and  Alpha T-Surge.  Edge HPX and Alpha tsurge are recommended to be used in tandem, both due to their similar effects but their differences in chemical composition that make them together more effective than many other treatment options at a fraction of the price.  Though Edge HPX is a supplement, it’s chemical composition is as effective and thoroughly researched as any prescription medication with importance placed on being cost effective to permit long term use without any negative impact on the body.  Edge HPX focuses on increasing overall quality of sleep whilst facilitating the necessary baseline of bodily health and testosterone production essential to producing higher quality sexual performance and energy.  Alpha t-surge, between its zinc and magnesium content boost overall energy whilst fostering an increased connection in circulation and communication between the variant parts of the body that handle blood flow to the penis as well as the function of muscle as a whole.  Alpha tsurge boosts sexual energy and drive whilst ensuring the development of muscle mass and placement of fat content is optimal. Fat content and distribution in the body is handled by testosterone. However, the more fat content in the body the lower or more severely impacted the amount of testosterone in the body.  Whilst Alpha t-surge’s effectiveness is dependent, much like Edge HPX on the habits and lifestyle of the user, their demands are relatively simple. Balancing a clean diet and at minimum, light exercise during use leads to the quickest and most potent effects observable within days of use.  Because Androgenyx’s ingredients are all organic, there are little to not side effects reported, and the delivery system into the body doesn’t leave any toxic remnants that could impact health otherwise.